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Why you need it

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Constant Contact allows your customers to sign up to one or more email lists, otherwise known as newsletters. You can use Constant Contact to create multiple newsletters for your customers to sign up for to keep them up-to-date and well informed on any specials or events that are coming up or that are in effect. Constant Contact also includes a Rich HTML editor and one of the best templating systems that allows you to create content rich email messages that will impress and attract the customer, instead of simple plain text messages that they are likely to throw away into the trash bin. With Constant Contact integration you will be able to build a large list of email addresses that you will have at your disposal to entice new customers or encourage repeat business with those who have already enjoyed your services.

How it works

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  • Step 1: Create or Import a list of emails.
  • Step 2: Create your newsletter using the template editor.
  • Step 3: Select which lists you would like to send to.
  • Step 4: Profit.

We take care of the set-up for you and leave the rest up to you. Constant Contact is easy to use and the Constant Contact website has many great video tutorials on how to get started with it.

Key Features

  • Newsletter signup page - Allows you to keep customers up-to-date on specials and events, without requiring them to return to your site - increasing convenience for you and them.
  • No-hassle opt-out page - Customers are easily able to opt out of receiving newsletters, via a link at the end of each newsletter, so they do not feel reluctant to sign up.
  • Template System with built-in HTML editor - With the template system including over 400+ templates, you can easily create a newsletter in a rich-text interface very quickly, or switch to the HTML editor for more control.
  • Free Tech Support - Constant Contact offers free tech support for their software via: phone, email and chat.
  • Social Netorking Interface - Your emails can now include social netorking links to various sites including, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Anti-Spam Implementation - Newsletters will never be flagged as spam when sending out thousands of emails to customers or potential customers. Ensuring delivery for every newsletter.
  • Track Results - Monitoring tools for each newsletter sent is a big part of knowing what entices your customers. With Constant Contact you can see the open rate of each newsletter, Click throughs to your site from the newsletter, and various other information.

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