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Rental Manager Connector

Why You Need It

The vehicle quote request system we offer that integrates directly with eWebRenter will allow you to manage the process of sending customers a quote for their requested RV, time period and travel location much more efficiently than you've ever imagined. With our system, you'll easily manage a much larger RV fleet than would have been previously possible, allowing you to grow and expand your company.

How It Works

When a customer submits a quote on your RV Rental website, there is a huge selection of options concerning what happens next. You can choose to send the customer an automated e-mail thanking them for their consideration of using you as their RV Rental agency, and all of the information provided in the quote request will automatically appear in eWebRenter as a pending quote that needs to be handled by an agent. The customer will select when and how they want to be contacted about their upcoming rental, and that information will also be visible in eWebRenter, allowing your agents to easily prioritize which renters to contact first. Additionally, if a customer indicates that they wish to be contacted "Now", you optionally choose to receive a text message containing the customer's contact information, allowing you to instantly get in touch with them.

Additionally, you can be sure that you will always have all the information you need from your customers, as the quote request form will tell customers if they have failed to fill out important pieces of information, and will not submit the quote request until this information has been filled in. Finally, upon completion, your rental website will display a success page with a customizable message, assuring the customer that you have received their request and they will be contacted within the time frame they selected. For more information about the Newsletters portion of the quote request form, please visit the Constant Contact page.

The process of calculating a quote is also easier than ever before (note to self: ask eugene about the details of the process and put them here).

You can access a video walkthrough of this feature here.

Key Features

  • Easy for customer - Customers only have to fill out one easy to understand form to give you all the information you need to get started booking their rental
  • Easy for you - Quote requests integrate directly into eWebRenter
  • Efficiency - Handle more quotes quicker than ever before

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