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Rental Manager Connector

Why You Need It

Our "Book Now" instant contact feature allows potential customers to get in touch with a rental agent instantaneously right through your RV rental website. When enabled, this feature will place a "Book Now" button on your website that will allow customers to send an alert directly to one of your rental agent's cell phones requesting to be contacted ASAP. This enables a much closer connection with potential renters, and will attract customers looking to make last minute plans.

How It Works

Simply decide what times of day you want this option to be available to your customers, and our software will automatically remove the "Book Now" button outside the specific time frame you decide on. Pictured on the right is an RV Rental website at 11:00 AM, while rental agents are available to contact customers upon request. Outside of normal business hours (or whatever specific hours you decide on), the "Book Now" button will no longer appear on the site and the contact form customers fill out will no longer be accessible.

You can access a video walkthrough of this feature here.

Key Features

  • Direct contact - Quick, easy and direct access to a rental agent by customers with urgent questions or requests
  • No miscommunication - Automatically prevent customers from seeing the feature and falsely assuming they'll be contacted immediately when renters are not available

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