Expert Data Solutions, Inc.
Rental Manager Connector

Why You Need It

Our campgrounds module provides a database of every single campsite and campground in the entire United States for your customers to view or for you to recommend to them.

How It Works

After purchasing the module, we place a page on your rental website that features an interactive map of every campground in the country, beginning with the ones immediately around your RV dealership. Customers can drag the map in any direction they may be taking their trip in order to plan where they might stay. Additionally, mousing over the markers on the map brings up information about any particular campsite such as its name, exact address, and website. Additionally, our module allows you to edit campsite information, or add entirely new information that may not be in the database.

Key Features

  • Spotlight on you - The map automatically focuses on areas around your dealership, where customers are most likely to be staying
  • Interactive - Provides an easy gateway to useful information such as campsite addresses and websites

Map - Click for larger

Modify/Add Campground Information - Click for larger