Expert Data Solutions, Inc.

Why you need it


Automate the RV reservation & booking process so that you don't lose any potential customers or keep them waiting with anxiety. Online customers demand instant gratification, so satisfy their desires with Credit Card Automation and get them straight on their way to an RV trip that they won't soon forget.

How it works

Automatic credit card processing allows the RV rental site to connect to a credit card processing gateway, such as Authorize.Net, to process credit card transactions. Websites with automatic credit card processing will connect to the processing gateway and submit the customer's billing information. The gateway will validate the information and then attempt to approve the credit card transaction. The RV rental site will be immediately notified if the transaction is successful or not. If the transaction fails an error message from the processing gateway will appear so that the customer can fix the problem, such as an incorrect card number or expiration date, and then try again. Approved transactions will congratulate the customer on their RV reservation and thank them for their business.

Key Features

  • Instant Transaction Verification - Customers are instantly notified if their transaction is successful, or if the information entered is incorrect.
  • Less Wasted Time - Removes the need for you to manually handle every transaction, freeing up your time to focus on your RV business instead of your website.