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Rental Manager Connector

Why You Need It

Having a specialized and secure area of your website for your customers to access will make the experience much easier and more enjoyable for them. In the customer login area, customers can access training videos explaining how to access parts and features of your RVs, as well as send you information needed to book their rental such as driver's license numbers.

How It Works

After a customer submits an automated quote request for a particular vehicle and commits to the rental, you can create a login ID for them to enter the password protected Customer portion of your website. This gives them access to a number of useful functions that will make the rental process much quicker and easier for both them and you. While in the customer section, your renters will be able to securely enter information that is needed to complete the rental, such as personal and billing addresses, insurance and employment information, and driver's license numbers. Collecting all of this from customers in advance of the day of the actual rental massively speeds up the rental process and makes it much friendlier to the customer.

Additionally, we offer a series of professionally made RV training videos that can be added to your customer section. These videos will show customers all of the important features of the RV they need to be familiar with before taking it out for their rental period. Again, this streamlines the rental process by allowing customers to receive this training at their own leisure, saving you time on the day they come in to pick up their vehicle. Finally, customers will be able to view the availability of RVs from your fleet during a specific time period from within the customer section. By simply filling out two textboxes with a start and end date, a page showing available RVs during that time will be automatically generated and displayed. This functionality is not available from the main website, only from the password protected customer area.

Key Features

  • Secure - Only customers who you choose to give login information to can access the Customer area
  • Convenient - Allows the customer to prepare for their rental by learning about their RV and providiing necessary information

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