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The FAQ Database system ties seamlessly into the management section of your RV Rental website. It allows you to easily add common questions asked by customers to a database, which is then automatically displayed on your website in a convenient, easy-to-read layout.

Why You Need It

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) feature takes the hassle away of having to create an FAQ page to address your customers. The FAQ system is a highly automated feature that includes an easy to use manager to quickly respond to your customers most commonly asked questions. Included in the manager is a built in html editor, which enables you to seamlessly integrate html content into your FAQ answers and replies. An added benefit to having an FAQ that is not obvious to most people is that search engine spiders will be able to crawl through and index it, which can help your website appear in more search results.

Unlike most FAQ pages that bombard their customers with a long and cluttered list of frequently asked questions and answers, our FAQ System neatly lists the questions as links. Now, other websites that have their questions listed as links will cause you to jump from one end of the page to the other when you click them, which can be confusing and annoying. Our FAQ System however uses Microsoft AJAX technology to elegantly reveal the answer to that particular question. With our FAQ System there is no clutter, there is no confusing page hopping, and best of all there is no trouble listing a question or answer. Simply use the FAQ manager to enable or disable a particular question & answer with just one simple mouse click, that's it.

How It Works

The FAQ page of the website contains a form for customers to submit their questions. The questions are immediately emailed to you and are also stored in the website's FAQ database. In the email message that is sent out are the customer's name, email address, question, and a link to the FAQ manager to edit the customer's question to post it on the web. In the FAQ manager you can edit customer questions using a simple and straightforward html editor to prepare them for display on the FAQ Page. If you do not wish to display a customer's question on the FAQ page then you also have the ability to delete it. It's as simple as that.

An added benefit to having an FAQ page on your website is that it gives you an opportunity to display questions and information in your site that potential customers may be searching for. Search engines are more likely to match customer searches to your website when you have this type of information.

You can access a video walkthrough of this feature here.

Key Features

  • FAQ Submission - The FAQ page includes a quick and easy way for your customers to submit their questions right to you.
  • Dynamic FAQ listings - Smart and elegant, the FAQ page gets rid of all the clutter and makes your FAQs easy to read for both your customers and search engines.
  • FAQ Manager - Add, edit, and delete frequently asked questions and answers with this easy to use manager.

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