Expert Data Solutions, Inc.
Rental Manager Connector

Why You Need It

The remote support feature we offer that integrates directly into eWebRenter allows you to quickly contact one of our staff for on-demand tech support, enabling you to quickly solve any problems that may come up.

How It Works

While eWebRenter is running, right click on the icon found in the system tray (typically at the bottom right of your screen), select remote support, and then select the name of the tech support agent you wish to contact. This will allow one of our staff to temporarily see your computer screen and take control of your mouse and keyboard through the internet, quickly resolving potential issues that may come up while using eWebRenter.
This feature works using Remote Support System Software, which you can read more about here.

Key Features

  • Instantaneous - Quickly contact a remote support agent
  • Easy - Allows our agent to take control of your computer to easily solve potential problems