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RV Rental Management Software

Connect directly into eWebRenter, the first rental software developed exclusively for Recreational Vehicles!

Why You Need RV Rental Management Software

The RV websites are made to make your RV Rental business life much easier. Cut down on long customer phone calls with a direct connection to your Rental Management software and let the website do most of the work. The website empowers the rental agent with the ability to breeze through the RV rental process in a matter of minutes with just a few simple mouse clicks. This will let your staff take care of more business in a shorter amount of time.

How RV Rental Management Software Works

A customer interested in renting a particular RV can fill out a quote request form in the website and submit it directly to your staff and into the rental manager. A rental agent will see that a new quote request was made and will then be able to reply with a quote that was automatically generated by the website and rental software. Because the website has a direct connection to the rental management software it is able to obtain the majority of the customer's information for the rental agent so that they can concentrate on booking rentals more efficiently.

The website also boasts a secure customer area for them to log into using a unique customer account. The customer account can be automatically created by the website or it can be created by a rental agent in the rental management software. The secure customer area of the website is available to the customer so that they can submit all of the information necessary to book an RV. This includes the customer's personal information, billing address, employment information, driver's license, as well as the driver licenses of any other RV drivers, insurance information, contacts-such as a spouse or emergency contact, and finally the customer's credit card information. Although all of this information can be safely gathered in the secure customer area it is not all required by the website in order to book an RV rental.

The website does most of the work for the rental agent so that they can oversee and manage customer rentals from the rental manager with even greater efficiency. You can access additional information and video tutorials about the various features of our rental websites by clicking the links below, which are also found on the left side of the page:

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Key Features of RV Rental Management Software

  • RV Rental Quote Form - Customers are able to request a quote for a particular RV rental by simply filling out an online form. The customers information is then directly inserted into rental manager.
  • Manage Your Online Fleet - Throught the rental manager you can decide which RVs are available for rent or sale and whether or not they should be available in the rental site.
  • Optional Equipment Page - Pick and choose which rental equipment you would like to list in the website.