Expert Data Solutions, Inc.
Rental Manager Connector

Why You Need It

Our photo sync and photo gallery modules allow you to easily manage the pictures of your RVs that are essential for customers to be able to view while navigating your website.

How It Works

Our easy to use application, RV Photo Sync, will tie into the server hosting your website and synchronize the pictures on your computer's hard drive with the pictures on the server. Pictures on the server are then automatically displayed on your website. This gallery display is easily accessible from the main vehicle listings page by clicking on "More Photos" underneath the thumbnail of any individual vehicle. The gallery is also accessible from each unique vehicle page, also by clicking on the "More Photos" button. The gallery itself is very simply and profesionally designed - clicking on any image in the gallery will enlarge the image in the center of the screen while graying out the background in order to draw attention to the selected image. The full gallery of images can be navigated through using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Key Features

  • Automatic - Keep all your pictures in sync with your website
  • Instantaneous - Easily add new iamges to any vehicle gallery whenever you want
  • Easy to Navigate - Allow customers to get a good feel for a vehicle without ever visitng your rental lot

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Photo Gallery Page - Click for larger

Image Overlay in Photo Gallery - Click for larger