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Rental Manager Connector

Why You Need It

The RV Quick Find Box will allow you to easily point customers to a specific vehicle in your rental fleet, as well as quickly navigate to any specific vehicle page on your rental website.

How It Works

When you begin to manage your website and rental fleet through the powerful software package we offer in connection with eWebRenter, you may soon find your rental fleet expanding rapidly as you are able to handle more vehicles and more rentals. However, if you want to instantly jump to a specific vehicle's page on your rental website, the RV Quick Find module places a text box in the sidebar of your website where you can key in that vehicle's unique vehicle ID and be instantly directed to the vehicle page. This is particularly useful when attempting to point out to a potential customer a vehicle you think would be suited to their needs - you simply have to tell them a short, two or three digit number to type into a box and hit "Go To RV".

Key Features

  • Quick - Instantly jump to any vehicles unique page
  • Easy - Only requires the input of a single two or three digit number

RV Quick Find Box - Click for larger