Expert Data Solutions, Inc.


Internet Services Key Benefits
Sites are rapidly built and maintained. We can allow your customers to order simply and easily. You can reach thousands of potential customers. We can integrate your site with your other computer software.


Site Building
We build Internet sites for Companies. You can present your corporation to internet customers and potential customers. We can develop server programs which can make your site fully interactive.

Secure On-Line Stores
We build stores where you and your customers can be protected from fraud and assured of privacy. Your internet store can have access to your inventory. Your store can eliminate the need for additional people to take the extra orders you get from the World Wide Web.

Internet Site Promotion
We will promote your web site to the various Click Thru Sponser Matchs, search engines, directories and exchange services. The amount of promotion is directly related the to number of people which will visit your site.

Automated Data Collection and Intregration
We can watch and filter different information from different sources for you. We can compute statistics about the buying and browsing behavior of your customers and suppliers. We can connect your web site to AutoPlusXP, PeachTree, QuickBooks and most other accounting systems.

Other Internet Applications
We have build and hosted database driven: chat rooms, discussion forums, FAQ, Classified Ads and Photo Galleries, Blogs and many other custom database applications.

SQL Database Hosting
We offer a variety solutions for companies needing there data available on the Internet. Our SQL servers have Quad Processor, SCSI with RAID drives, daily backups, and power redundancy.

Custom Application Development
We have designed and programmed software in fields such as: Shopping Carts, Form Automation, PDF Data Entry forms, Mapping Intregration, Data Harvesting, Image Storeage, OCR & ICR, Pawn Shops, Excel to SQL Intregration, Database Consulting and Application Design,