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Rental Manager Connector

Why You Need It

During busy RV Rental periods such as holidays or summertime, it's important for all your potential renters visiting your website to be able to see which vehicles you still have available. The special dates module allows you to automatically provide them with this information.

How It Works

The special dates module appears as a page within the manager section of your website. When creating an event in the manager, you select three date ranges. The first, Content, determines when special home page content you have created ahead of time will appear, as well as a special page displaying vehicles that are still available for an event. The second, Vehicle, determines the specific time frame that is used to check if a vehicle is available. The third, Event, determines the days on which a link to the event's page will appear on the event calendar.

Key Features

  • Convenience - Allows customers to easily view your available RVs
  • Event Promotion - Allows you to create upcoming events with special home page content for customers to view

Special Dates Page - Click for larger

Event Calendar - Click for larger