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Why you need it

Potiential customers place as great a value on other customers' opinions of your business as on any other factor when considering renting from you versus your competition. With the Testimonials feature, when your customers feel they have had a great RV reservation experience, they will be able to send you their testimonial and if they choose, a photo from their trip. Then, you can choose which testimonials are shown on your website.

How it works

The Testimonials feature allows your previous customers to recommend you to future customers by filling out a simple form, requiring only a first name, city and state, and the testimonial itself. As soon as your customer submits the form, their testimonial will be added into your website's Testimonials database, and you will receive an e-mail notification that a new testimonial was submitted. You can then log in to the manager and choose whether to display the testimonial, keep it inactive, or delete it.

Longer testimonials are shortened to the first 300 characters, and a 'Click to read more' link is appended. When a customer clicks this link, the testimonial dynamically expands and is shown in its entirety, along with a photo, if one was submitted.

You can access a video walkthrough of this feature here.

Key Features

  • Simple Form - The testimonials form does not require extraneous information such as an e-mail address, allowing customers to feel comfortable filling it out.
  • Streamlined Display - Longer testimonials are shortened to a preview with a 'Click to view more' link, to prevent new customers from feeling overwhelmed. The full testimonial will be shown dynamically when the customer clicks the link.
  • Testimonials Manager - Easily manage testimonials - choose which are displayed, which are not, and which to delete.

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