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We use the best practices in security and code process management to maximize the usability of your project

Expert Data Solutions

provides you with cutting edge

IT Services

We are constantly keeping up with new trends in software development. Using new and old methods that we have found to work effectively. Maximizing speed and ease for your web applications and websites.

About Us

Expert Data Solutions, Inc

Expert Data Solutions is an established information technology company in Camarillo, CA focusing on the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of client-server applications, eCommerce and Internet systems, and Local Area Networks. With over 15 years in the I.T. industry, we believe design and technology go hand in hand. Our company is driven by a code of high standards and values and we are committed to providing customers with high quality services.


Eugene Elder

Founder of Expert Data Solutions, Inc

Best rated company

Premium quality in IT Services

Our clients recognize our outstanding ability to provide high-quality business solutions. We strive to create the best possible software we can, as well as creating a very user friendly experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Effort is not to be confused with result… It takes talent, experience, and creative collaboration to make a project a success.

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Premium quality

We assure you with Next level quality in

IT solutions


Satisfied customers


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What we do

We provide you with high quality

technology services

We take on many different projects and your ideas can be turned into a tangible application.

Software development

We design, develop and deploy smart, custom-made software
and IT solutions to help you achieve all of your business goals.

Web development

From web applications to content management systems, to one-page micro-sites, we help companies big and small, old and new, get the most out of the web and achieve their goals.

Technical support

For more than 13 years we have recognized the growing need for Technical Support. We pride ourselves in being able to help you succeed with your business.

Security systems

We Develop systems and Web application which are secured and safe away from hackers, we can improve your current system and provide security.

User interface design

User interface design, especially in modern Web applications, doesn’t have to be in a finished state because you can always keep evolving and improving it, We are ready to help you with that.

Mobile development

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Our company offers you most professional technology services

modern solutions

Pro IT solutions for

your business 

We take on many different projects and your ideas can be turned into a tangible application.

Sofware, Web & Mobile modern design

We use modern solutions in this modern day for applications that needs to be user friendly.

User experience drives the success of modern apps.
Empower developers to create seamless, adaptive user interfaces that go above and beyond expectations.

Extended features & Updates

Providing with updates to your application to fit with your current business requirements.

Our skills

Meet Expert Data Solutions skills

Our Experiece in this fields are satisfactory and Quality.


outstanding company

Best rated  IT Solutions

Our Service are best and premium

Our professional team

working for your business



Eugene Elder





intermediate Software Engineer


Senior Software Developer




Junior software developer


Junior Software Developer


Junior Software Developer

John Lowie

Azure PowerShell Developer


Digital Advertising Specialist


Software Engineer





Professional technology services

with fair pricing

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    We build software in C# using C# Frameworks, for both desktop, web and mobile applications using DevExpress XAF, Blazor, Asp.Net Core MVC, API, SignalR, Ionic, Angular, React. . . . Read More . . .
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    Yes, it is possible. You can use the help of our experts. Depending on your needs, our developers can join to your internal team and start working with them. . . . Read More . . .
    Building products from an initial idea is the way that we specialize in. It requires extensive experience and knowledge of each stage of building such a product. . . . Read More . . .
    Microsoft designed it as the official language of its .NET framework. Anything written in the .NET framework runs in Windows, which makes C# one of the official languages of Windows development. . . . Read More . . .
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